African Mask Adaption Quilt, 1976

In Honor of Valentine’s Day – A Tribute to Heart-Shaped Quilts

Hearts and the topic of love have been a story told through quilt for centuries.  As Valentine’s Day approaches we wanted to pull a few of our favorite quilts featuring heart images that were shown throughout the Why Quilts Matter: History, Art & Politics series.

Hearts and Oak Leaves, c. 1850The first featured quilt is entitled “Heart and Oak Leaves,” circa 1850. It was once in the collection of Exec Producer Shelly Zegart, so a personal favorite. The maker is unknown.

Hearts and Oak Leaves
Maker unknown
c. 1850
88″ x 86″
Photo by Geoffrey Carr
Formerly in the collection of Shelly Zegart




Daisies Won't TellThis beautiful quilt entitled “Daisies Won’t Tell” was crafted by Mary Gasperik in 1930-1949. Thanks to Susan Salser for providing us with the image.

Daisies Won’t Tell
Mary Gasperik
Cotton, broadcloth
76″ x 91″
Courtesy of Susan Salser
More info at





African Mask Adaption Quilt, 1976Dorothy Nelle Sanders created this quilt entitled “African Mask Adaption Quilt” in 1976 using cotton, silk-screen and fabric paint. (Credit: The Kentucky Quilt Project Archives, University of Louisville Archives & Records Center Louisville, Kentucky).

African Mask Adaption Quilt
Dorothy Nelle Sanders
Cotton, silk-screened, fabric paint
68 ½” x 86″
From Always There: The African-American Presence in American Quilts
The Kentucky Quilt Project Archives
University of Louisville Archives & Records Center
Louisville, Kentucky:



Liberty Weeps for Her Country, 2001Finally, the most modern quilt in our collection of featured heart quilts – “Liberty Weeps for Her Country” by Susan Shie. This quilt was crafted in 2001 after the tragedy of September 11, 2011.

Liberty Weeps for Her Country
Susan Shie
Cotton, paint, glass beads, polymer clay, buttons, antique clothespins, sequined snake appliqués, ceramic alphabet beads
44″ x 34″



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