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Episode 3 – The Quilt Marketplace

Why Quilts Matter - Episode 3 - Quilt Marketplace

Image credit: Quilts: An American Romance. May 12 – 17, 1980. Somerset Mall, Troy, Michigan. Courtesy Shelly Zegart.

The marketplace for quilts has always been a bit of a mystery.  It’s hard to understand why some quilts are so much pricier than others, and why some old quilts aren’t worth anything at all.  And how can an artist ask $10,000 for a brand new quilt…and get it?  Discover why one 19th-century quilt was worth $264,000 and how a quilt can go from $150 to $20,000 as it passes from picker to dealer, up the ladder of expertise.  Find out how artists price their quilts in the contemporary market and how technology is changing the playing field forever.

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