Two Days to Go to Cross the Kickstarter Finish Line!

Why Quilts Matter - Kickstarter Finish LineOnly TWO days left to go with our Kickstarter project!  We are at 97% funded with more than 50 backers.  With less than $250 to go, we really need your help to reach and cross the finish line.

Did you know that Kickstarter fundraising is an “all or nothing” deal?  If we don’t raise all of it we lose all of it.  Make your pledge and get us across the finish line a “winner” for quilts!

Why Quilts Matter - Continuing Conversation - Contribute on Kickstarter




About Our Kickstarter Fundraiser:

We’re taking “Why Quilts Matter” to the next level with the creation of a Continuing the Conversation guide!  Think of the guide in terms of a “book club,” you watch an episode of the series and then get together with a group to talk about it using questions from the guide. You can use the guide in guilds, classrooms, or with a group of friends. We don’t care where you use it just as long as you are keeping the discussion about quilts going so that quilts and quiltmakers get the respect they deserve!
In order to raise money for printing and production of the guides we are asking for your help – we need to raise $6,500 in 30 days to make these guides come to life. To make our fundraising process go as smoothly as possible, we’re using, a well-respected fundraising site that helps facilitate donations easily. Why recreate the wheel if someone possible else is already doing it well?

Here’s what you need to do: Visit our Kickstarter page to learn more about the guides. If you like what you see, donate.

We’ve attached some great rewards to the various contribution levels so be sure to check it out. Your help will get the quilt conversation going with more and more people!

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