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Patterns, colors, textures and design. Quilts have always captured one’s visual imagination, so it’s no surprise that quilters have flocked to Pinterest in a big way, swapping ideas and imagery for their next project or purchase.

At Why Quilts Matter we’re a visual bunch as well. When we put the series together we knew imagery would be an important part of the documentary and we worked hard to collect both historical images and modern works of quilts. At the end of the day we collected more than 3,000 images and included close to 600 in the series – so many we needed to create an Image Resource Guide so people could follow along and find out the story behind each image.

We’re excited to announce that we’re extending these images in a Pinterest friendly way – previously images from the series were only available in pdf format – as Image Resource Galleries. We’ll roll out images an episode at a time, so keep checking back with us to see what’s next.

Why Quilts Matter - Follow Us on PinterestFirst up are images from Episode 1: Quilts 101 – Antique and Contemporary Quilts, a good mix of old and new photos. Below are some of our favorite images from the episode. Be sure to tell us which images inspire you by pinning them on your boards. We hope you enjoy pinning these images as much as we did collecting them and follow us on Pinterest!


Rio Hondo Katie Pasquini Masopust 1994 Cotton, cotton blends, satin, wool 60" x 46" Collection of John M. Walsh, III

Rio Hondo Katie Pasquini Masopust, 1994. Cotton, cotton blends, satin, wool 60″ x 46″. Collection of John M. Walsh, III.



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